For new clients, here are links to allow you to download the paperwork for the first session. Please read the disclosure Form. I’ll have a copy for you to sign for me in person. The second form is a questionnaire about your life and how I can best help you. It is your choice if you want to provide me with this information or not. The purpose is to allow me to make efficient use of our time and your money. This Intake Form can help me to understand you more quickly, and sometimes make recommendations in the first session which can be really helpful (i.e. books to read, lifestyle suggestions). Typically people e-mail this form to me after we have set up our first session, but before we meet. E-mail has confidentiality risks, so you can mail it to me via USPS or give it to me in person, if you prefer.



Self-Realization Psychotherapy: Accelerated Healing for Accelerated Times

Julisa Adams, MA, CHT
Transpersonal and somatic psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Brainspotting, energy work and health coaching