Spiritual/existential issues

We are living in a time of rapid change and existential and emotional overwhelm. We are faced with the effects of climate change, pollution, political instability and the lack of traditional support systems. This naturally brings up a lot of questions about what we can trust, and where we can find stability and strength. It can call into question traditional religious beliefs and push people to deepen in their spiritual practice. I have 30 years of formal, personal and professional training working with the spiritual journey in it’s many expressions. I’ve been very focused on this area of life since before my near-death experience at 18 and embrace my client’s own journey with their faith or their exploration of issues of meaning. I am trained in many types of spiritual healing work and find the depth of understanding of consciousness and freedom from suffering in the Buddhist approach particularly useful. I welcome clients who are just beginning to find their spiritual path and am also comfortable working with people to the other end of the spectrum who have a deep relationship with their own spirituality. I welcome you to share the depth of your own journey and will meet you where you are, and travel with you following the guidance of your own deepest wisdom. One of my greatest gifts as a healer is to listen deeply to my client’s souls and help that voice get louder and clearer as it guides the therapy process.