“Our work together has raised my quality of life consistently, supporting me to develop my own sense of spirituality and self and work through my life’s toughest challenges. Julisa teaches what she lives, a huge range of tools, as well as how to build a foundation in life, all of which has helped me to heal and given me support on every level- physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. I’ve overcome many things including big struggles with addiction. I’ve consistently learned how to value and care for myself better and have healthier relationships. All along, Julisa has held such loving space for me, during sessions and outside of them.  If she hadn’t been so committed to my happiness these last few years, I’m sure I would have lost faith.”
– C. B., Golden

“Julisa has guided and supported me in the work of deep transformation. I am much more peaceful, free, and empowered in my day-to-day life from having been her client. She is patient, gentle, intuitive and very skilled. Julisa’s high level of integrity and commitment to her clients’ growth and health is rare. Her lifelong commitment to her own growth comes across in her work and has inspired me. She is truly “walking the walk.”
– M. J., Boulder

“Julisa has a passion for helping you to reconnect with the Divine and helping you to feel the flow and presence in every part of your physical being, which brings healing, light and release. I particularly value her desire to help me understand how that awareness of presence and flow can surround and hold me everyday experiences physically, mentally and emotionally, and not be just one-off experiences scheduled for a set time and place. Through brainspotting work, breathing techniques and guided meditation, Julisa has helped me to identify the places in my physical body where I have stored up pain, anger and sadness, and to allow the presence and light of God to flow through and heal by bringing awareness to those blockages. This work has then helped me to feel lighter and happier outside of therapy and has renewed in me a desire to get back into the habit of turning to the overwhelming love and grace of God when new challenges and struggles arise — allowing them to serve as opportunities for personal growth and as a catalyst for drawing even closer to God.”
– Hannah, Boulder

“As I have been met with one devastation after another over the past 4 years, Julisa has been with me every step of the way. After losing much of my old life in a very short period of time, I was left with little perspective on life and virtually no understanding of who I was. I have no doubt in my mind that I would not be here today if it had not been for Julisa’s commitment, expertise, empathy, and genuine desire to understand exactly what I have been going through with each new challenge I have had to face. No matter what the circumstance, Julisa has had ideas for ways to help me work with my situation and my pain. She has consistently been able to see the real me that has endured behind all of my loss and suffering, and with her acute dedication and deeply perceptive guidance, I am coming out the other end of this learning how to do the same.”
– K, Boulder

“As teacher and therapist, Julisa addresses my whole self, body/mind/spirit, leading me to discover more authenticity, wellness and meaning in my life. Her insight, compassion, intuition and whole-hearted presence are rooted in the dedication she brings to her own spiritual practice and inner work.”
– Janice, Boulder

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